F#*K YEAH! MeDia

UniVerseAll Greetings. Here is the (raw rough cut) REEL (too REAL) we made at NYU, it includes excerpts from multiple film and television projects we wrote, directed, created and starred in.


Some of the projects included include:

"Film Reel, REAL FEELM"

"What is !8o00%"

"Thee Turbo ReVo! Variety Show"

"Thee Profumentary"

"American Miracles"

"Turbo ReVo! (Thee MoveEment)"

and so on and so fourth.


We are FUNding a variety show that will have everything featured here from Live Action to ReAnimation, dramedy and tragicomedy, music videos, PerFormance (Arte), edutainment,experimental videos, inner views, Real too Reel Feelms, and  other onederfull works of thee EmagiNation!


If you are interested in being a pART (behind or in front of the sceens) or helping to FUNd "Turbo ReVo! THEE Variety ShowEeOo", contact us sooner then as soon as possible.


Thank You & Keep It REAL too REEL,

Prof. OGohnEe B. ThEe:


Sponsored by:

(Thee EmagiNation Foundation, Channel Engs, Real too Reel Feelms, FKYH! Media,& Proof.!8o00% Prods.)