Who is JON E JENGLEs, Thee Prof. (!8o00%)?


(1/2 Man, Part Myth, All Legend.)

    JON E JENGLEs, "Thee Prof. (!8o00%)",

(where the "E" is a feel in the blank space, and/or "E:all of thee above",

which also stands for Everyone and Everything),

aka JonEe, aka "Bone$" , aka J3NGL3_JANGELeo, aka Thee Space-Man, aka Thee ProfessoRe, etc,

is an Artist, Musician (interpretive Dancen' Drummer // RePercussionist), Writer/Linguist/Poet, Director,  (Cosmic) Comic, nightlife personality/dj/mc, experience creator, passion designer, underground film and tv maker, rock n' roll revivalist,  counter-cultural content creator, Turbo ReEvolutionary icon, & all around Edutainer ExtROARdanaire (as well as your favorite “Angelic Allien Ancestar” of em' a11.)

Originally from SPACE: (aka "Thee EmagiNation") via Planet Brooklyn, New York & Planet Vegas, he now lives on the western coast in LA (aka “thee land of LALA”). JON E JENGLEs has been creating since he was a child (aka countless lifetimes also known as FOREVER).

 JON E JENGLEs has an obscenely prolific range of work in mediums encompassing all forms of art, from visual & performance to film, music, and mixed media.

JON E JENGLEs studied art and performance at the LVA (Las Vegas Academy of Performing and Visual Arts), as well as student teaching at SFAI (San Francisco Art Institute), NYU (New York University), and the school he founded with alter-ego “Thee Prof. (!8o00%)”, UU (“Universe University”).

JON E  JENGLEs has created his own  *Cultural/Arte/Music/Performance & Edutainment (*CAMPee) moveEment & style known as “Turbo ReVo! THEE:” with a group of individuals known as “THEE PARTEE”. Their motto being: “We put thee ARTE in pARTEe”.

The culture, arte, media, performance, and edutainment they create  “Re:Presents” a "reel too real" mythology of  “thee Past and Future happening all at once upon a (space) time”.

 JON E JENGLEs has also been an inspiration within the party/nightlife scenes of everywhere he’s lived as a live(performance) artist & edutainer where he has hosted, danced, drummed, hyped the crowd, mc-ed, dj-ed, live arted, and showcased “ARTEeFACTS” (the name of the art, clothing & goods he creates).“ARTEeFACTS” have been created & excavated, showcased and sold nationwide from NYC’s Union Square & LA’s Venice Beach, to San Francisco's 1015 Folsom and his Las Vegas namesake The Artisan, as well as parties to festivals, nightclubs, art shows and event spaces of all types, all over this planet (and beyond).

In the worlds of film and TV media, JON E JENGLEs has written, directed and starred in multiple films and TV shows ranging from educational, comedy, music videos, and short films to “live action animation”. Prof. OGohnEe B. THEE: (aka JohnEe Engleone) has worked with VH1 and TLC, appeared on MTV and Fuse and won TV/Film accolades from MSNBC, iFILM and NYU.

JON Ee has also traveled and performed worldwide from London to Istanbul, and everywhere in-between, doing live-action ReAnimated inter-active mixed media shows incorporating culture, art, media, music, film, fashion, comedy, dance, performance and “edutainment” of all kinds for audiences of ALL AGES.

  JON Ee and Turbo ReVo! THEE PartEe have taken the far-out underground “Turbo ReEvolutionary!” culture,arte,media, performance & edutainment style and culture they've pioneered & originated and have been bringing it aboveground to the Planet Earth in as many forms as possible in the last few decades, & Thee Partee's just getting started! In the process, they've inspired countless generations of "Children of all ages" to go "beyond the confines of the rational mind and re-define their understanding of Space n' Time in thee name of ALL that is DiVine", aka "A Sonic Shamanic Tribal ReVival" aka

"A return to thee EmagiNation (via Turbo ReVo! Thee LoVerLution!)"










What is thee Turbo ReVo!?


What are ARTEeFACTS?




What is !8o00%???








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