Turbo ReVo! ( Thee PartEe ) in ACTION!

Ladies, Gentleman, Chilldren of All Ages, lo and behold as we are performing, dancing, drumming, showcasing art, hyping the crowd, live painting, mc-ing and being thee life of thee parties, nightlife, festivals, film and art shows a11 around the world (& UniVerse!!). Here are a few photos from over the last decade of

Prof. OGohnEe B. ThEe: & Turbo ReVo!(Thee pARTEe's) educational entertainment ("Edutainment") in action!


Thee Many MODES/MooDS of ThEe Prof.OGohnEe B.ThEe:                          

Showcasing pARTEeFACTS around thee WHIRLD.

Modeling All Original TR! style pARTEeFACTS,thee clothing line that makes a point.

Wellcome too: Thee VIPssshhhhh Zone

F#*K Y3AH! MeDia

© ThEe (TurBo) ReVo!// ARTEeFACTS By://JON E JENGLEs,Thee PROF:(!8o00%)//F#★K Y3AH! MeDia //Bone$Corp.

All Rights Reserved.

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