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Here is a "TardCore" style website that was made by me & Gordan Keats, it's called "American Miracles" & is brought to you by "TEAM COOL Inc." It was created by me & my buddy "Geech" aka Gordan Keats. It's Situation: Comedy.

Here are some TardCore style videos of different characters from "Team Cool Inc." & "American Miracles". The productin value is low, but the comedy quotient is high, so get ready to laugh your skulls off!


Team Cool VJ: "Shilo Bones!"

Here's fratboy &  Team Cool VJ SHILO BONES preparing for his show  live @ Club CanCun for Spring Break 93'.  "Spring break 93' f#*kin' RAWKS!"

InterView w/ Rapper "iLL Ass Clown"

This is a behind the scenes interview with none other then hip-hop's Latino Legend "Ill Ass Clown" representing the "Frijoles Negroes" rap possee.
"And i'm down with those Spaniards cause they can Dosey Doe"- ILL ASS CLOWN

"CilQue Smooths" BET Audition

This is CILQUE (Smooths) from the R n' B group "All Flavas" in his acapella music  audition video for BET. He's singing his number one musical debut: "Bonin on the 9's".

Situation: LADIES!

This is a video of Israel's number one Male Nude Exotic Entertainer Shlomo "Banger" Katz doing what he does best: getting wyld for the ladies! Shlomo strips to MEAT LOAF's piano rocker "I would do Anything for Love..." and i WOULD do that!
"What seems to be the problem...LADIES!"- Shlomo "Banger" Katz

Team Cool CEO: Buddy Geech

This is a CEO of TEAM COOL Inc., a subsidiary of "F#*K Yeah! Productions", Buddy Geech, hard at work.
"NICE deal, NICE!"- Buddy Geech, CEO

TEAM COOL Inc.//American Miracles//TARDCORE