(Videyo, Feelm, TeeVeee)

F#*K YEAH! MeDia


"Film Reel: WHAT IS !8o00% ...Real Feelm"

A preview for the film "Film Reel: WHAT IS !8o00%...Real Feelm" directed by Prof. (!8o00%).

               PROF:!8o00% LIVE!                     

("Spoken Word", Drumming, Sing Along)

ProfOGohnEe B. Thee going through some ARTEeFACTS...

Here is a lowkey inter-view with Artist & Edutainer Thee Prof. OG JohnEe B. THEE. It is an inter-view of him going through his storage room in Oakland,CA & explaining the different esoteric meanings behind some of his artwork which he has in storage,filmed circa 2017. Enjoy!

Here is a performance of Thee Prof. from some raw archival footage in NYC circa 08'. He reads from his original book thee "MANIFEST:O", does a "tune up", drumming and a sing along that gets the entire crowd BANGroaring and ready to rawk n' role PLAY!

ThEe "Turbo ReVo!" Show-Ee-Oo

Turbo ReVo! (Thee PartEe:)// F#*K YEAH! MeDiaProds.// & Prof. (!8o00%) present(s):
Thee Variety Show of the Past Present & Future for thee Chilldren of ALL AGES (0-00). Featuring: COMEDY, ARTE, MUSIC Videos, hyPERFORMANCE, inner-views, outer views, Live Action ReANIMATION & EDUTAINMENT of ALL KINDS.

How to Dance thee UniVersAllis MoveEment"

A video by Prof. (!8o00%) depicting how to dance Thee UniVerseAllis MoveEment (for within thee UniVerse, All is Movement). Starring Thee ProfessoRe, Thee SPACE:MAN, Thee GRADu8 Student: JohnEe:, and Thee Super-Hero OMGM! (OhMyGodMan)! 

JohnEe:!8o00% TV/VJ   Audition (for fuse)

Here is an audition circa 2005 in NYC for the FUSE television network, where JOHN E: auditions to be a VJ/Host. He auditions as the Ultimate Fuse host, because he is a fusion of all the different styles of culture and music (rock n roll, hip hop, pop, edm "electronica", experimental, undrgrnd, etc.). Enjoy!

 "Who  is  !8o00%"                              Thee Profumentary

Here's a documentary ("profumentary") from NYU in the early 2000's by film maker Andrew "Meatman" Knaup that describes some of the philosophies of thee "Turbo ReVo!" and "Thee Prof. !8o00%" filmed all over NYC.

ThEe Prof8G. in: "Nature DANCEN"

Here's raw, unedited footage of Prof. OGohnEe B. ThEe: Engleone dancen' in thee forest to the music of his good friend & fellow "Turbo ReEvolutionary" Bob Log 111! circa 2013.

Prof.!8o00% (John Engle) @ Zinecon2000

Here is John Engle aka Thee Prof.!8o00% during his teenage years giving a brief comical inter-view at the underground art, comics & zine convention called ZineCon2000. As you can see, he's been doing art & performance since he was a child, aka lifetimes.

Keep it REAL too REEL feelms

                    COMING Swoon  TO A FACE NEAR YOU!